Rent Our Space!

       Group sitting in folding chairs, listening to a presentation with an image projected on a screen.  Women working at felted paintings at The Wool Market & DIY School.  Vendors talking to a customer at the Reno County Winter Farmer's Market.

Are you looking for space for a craft retreat, meeting, seminar, family gathering, graduation celebration, or baby shower? Look no further than The Wool Market & DIY School for a flexible and centrally located rental venue at reasonable rates.
We offer up to 1,800 square feet of space that's completely handicapped accessible and easy access to parking near the front door.
The following equipment is available as PART OF your rental fee:
          • 5 6-foot tables
          • 6 8-foot seminar tables
          • 52 folding chairs
          • Dell LCD projector
          • Projector Screen
          • Coffee Urn
          • Full Size Refrigerator Access
          • Movable Acoustic Walls
Call us at 620.694.3250 and schedule a walk through to see how The Wool Market & DIY School can do for your event!